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Welcome to "Slice of Time Photography"

by Mike Bell

One important day a long time ago, it occurred to me that a huge number of really important happenings in my life seemed to be slipping right by, leaving only vague impressions behind as they passed (I have come to the conclusion that as a group, photographers are merely people bothered more than most by this). So I bought my first camera, and many years, and many thousands of images later, that disquieting feeling has slightly improved.

As a photographer, having the ability to capture "slices" of light, and therefore small pieces of time in a box has always seemed a bit magical to me. Think about it. On film, or temporarily stored on a memory card, the effects of the light gathered by my camera that day can be saved, and to a wonderful degree felt…for years.

With the world filling our viewfinders, we artistic photographers are merely doing our best to preserve the awe we feel as important experiences are happening to us. I think it says good things that in most cases, we take pictures because we really want to share these "slices of time", and the feelings they evoked, with others.
The other great motivator is the realization that such a unique moment will never again be repeated in exactly the
same wonderful way.

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